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I Tried Maternity Pants You Don't Have to Toss After Birth, and They're a Game-Changer

Hey moms-to-be, listen up: I've got something really amazing that's going to change the way you think about maternity clothes.

Yes. Really.

Plus, you can wear these before, during, and after the pregnancy… all while looking cute and feeling fabulous.

So shopping for clothes that actually fit doesn't have to be a PAIN anymore.

And you sure don't want to miss this…

One Thing You Should Know About Me...

It wasn't until my 2nd Trimester that I actually started shopping for maternity clothes.

and once I started browsing online I felt like shopping for maternity clothes was such a hassle...

I was just speaking to my other friend who was a little further along than I was and she just bought a bunch of maternity clothes online from a clearance sale and said because they only last for such a short amount of time It feels like such a scam

But with changing body size, it's like one day, everything fits perfectly, and the other day, nothing does.

As a result, my well-curated wardrobe becomes a confusing mess of what once fit. And for someone who adores looking her best just as much as she loves the idea of being a mom, this was a real bummer.

So, after cycling through buying and outgrowing several outfits, hosting baby showers, and trying to stay comfortable yet chic, I reached a crossroads:

Either give up on looking good for nine months, and live in sweatpants and oversized hoodies, or find the perfect maternity wardrobe that balances style and comfort.

I just wanted something I could wear throughout my pregnancy…

Something cozy, yet stylish at the same time.

Since its mostly online, I searched high and low.

But a lot of the stuff is either super dowdy or not cute.

I was ready to just give up.

That’s when I found EMME

Well, lucky for me (and now for you), I'm thrilled to say I found the latter.

Introducing: The Everyday Maternity Linen Pants.

Yep, maternity pants. But not just your average boring ones. These pants are about to flip your whole idea of pregnancy wear on its head. And they're about to completely transform your pregnancy wardrobe. Here’s why – Imagine pants that you can slide into, no matter the day or the month of your pregnancy.

They're made to keep up with you and your growing little one.

  • Heading to work? Check.

  • Running errands? No problem.

  • Chilling at home…

  • Or stepping out for a nice dinner?

These pants have got you covered.

A woman smiling in casual attire with a tied white jacket and green pants.

And the best part? They're as comfy as your favorite pajamas but look and feel a million times better. What’s more, they've got cute, spacious pockets for all the little things you need on hand – and frankly, who doesn't love pockets?

Smiling pregnant woman taking a mirror selfie, caressing her belly.

So, if you're tired of the maternity wear merry-go-round … and ready for something that keeps you looking and feeling put-together, it's time to grab a pair of these new comfy pants.

See For Yourself


Everybody knows that finding the right size is the hardest part for shopping online but its even harder when your body is changing.

By the time I started shopping for maternity clothes, some sites had measurements based on pre-pregnancy sizing but now my sizing is definitely different or bigger.

The cool thing about Emme is that it was true to pre-pregnancy size. And because the pants grow with you, choosing my size was so simple.

And remember my friend I was talking about before? Because she bought them on sale, she couldn't even return the clothes she bought.

With Emme, they have a 14 day no questions asked return policy, on everything. Even if you wear or wash them.

I had an issue with sizing and they replaced mine, free of charge.

“Because the pants grow with you, choosing my size was so simple"

I'd heard great things/reviews about them – mostly saying they're a must-have for any pregnancy wardrobe – and was eager to see if they lived up to the hype.

Still, I tried not to get my hopes up too high – I've been let down by online shopping before.

But the moment I saw the package on my doorstep, something felt different.

So, opening it up felt like opening a gift. It was clear someone had put a lot of thought into making this experience feel special.

Pregnant person standing in a room with hand on hip.

Basically, these pants are something I’m proud to wear and show off.

The best thing is I can wear them even after I have the baby.

Sooooo… finding something that fits my look and feels good to wear? That’s a big win.

And I feel happy to have them in my wardrobe. A chic, comfortable addition that matches my style? Lovely.

My First Try On

First time I tried them on (they come ready to wear, no adjustments needed).

I slipped into the pants, and wow:

As soon as I felt the soft linen and saw how they fit, I was in love.

“The moment they were on, I felt like these pants

and I were meant to be.”

They were cute, comfy, stretchy, flattering, and made me feel

like a stylish mom-to-be.

The comfort, the style, it all just clicked.

Woman standing by a crib in a nursery room.

And it reminded me of the excitement of dressing up for special occasions, but with all the comfort of my go-to loungewear. What's more, feeling the soft, 100% natural linen fabric and seeing myself in the mirror, I was instantly charmed.

Imagine that feeling when you find the perfect outfit that just feels right…

And now? I moved around, tried sitting, standing, and a little impromptu dance, just to see – and yes, the comfort is real! The whole experience, from slipping them on to moving around in them, felt like a celebration of my pregnancy.

What other moms are saying

I've heard great things/reviews about them – mostly saying they're a must-have for any pregnancy wardrobe – and was eager to see if they lived up to the hype.


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