EMME Products We Are Bringing Into 2022!

We asked y'all what your favorite EMME products were, so here is the full rundown on what we're bringing into the new year! 


Everyday Smocked Linen Pant

Some of the EMME products that we are taking into 2022 are wardrobe essentials for mamas on the go. One favorite is the Everyday Smocked Linen Pant. They are suitable and sustainable for every part of maternity and any mother in need of a nice high-waisted fit.


Smocked maternity pants Linen pants


Customer Highlight

"Love at first wear! These are cute, comfortable, and help me feel quite put-together (not easy to achieve during pregnancy, and a welcome self-image booster!). The cut and type of elastic waist is quite clever- I'm optimistic that they will indeed be excellent non-maternity pants for years to come. It pairs really well with the white button-down shirt from EMME as well!"


Faye Dress

The Faye Dress is next up on the list. This dress is the epitome of comfort and is flattering on any body type. This product is sustainably sourced with linen, making it one of the most comfy dresses you’ll ever purchase. Bonus points for the linen getting softer every time you wear it!


Linen dress  



Customer Highlight

"I've always wanted a linen dress, so with my pregnancy, I decided to treat myself with this Faye Dress because it looked so cute online. The blue looks even better in person, the cut is very elegant, and the material and fit is all very comfortable. I honestly couldn't be happier to have a piece that I'm sure will take me throughout my pregnancy and afterwards. Right now I'm in my 2nd trimester, and wearing this dress really makes me feel confident with my changing body and it actually feels like self-care and a celebration (rather than just getting by with your typical cheaply-made maternity wear that fits weirdly). I'm pretty small, 5'3" and pre-pregnancy I usually wear an XS for most brands or a 0, and so far the XS fits just right. I have a good feeling I'll still be able to comfortably wear this dress into my 3rd trimester, and definitely a piece I'd love to wear afterwards too!"


Eliza Dress

Different from the Faye Dress, the Eliza Dress is styled with a lived in bubble texture and the scoop neck allows for easy access to nursing! Our favorite feature is the smocked waistband, because it is just so comfortable and flattering. As moms, we also love the pockets for convenience and the every-season-style it provides for our wardrobe. 

Don’t forget these products when taking on 2022!

Cream Cotton Gauze Dress  Smocked waist dress


Customer Highlight

"This dress is just so beautiful. Finally, a dress that highlights the beauty of the female form (with or without a bump). I feel amazing in it, even though I am in first trimester. Modest and comfortable, I feel like I just walked out of a painting. The color and quality of the fabric is excellent. I look forward to more beautiful dresses!"


As we reflect on the past year, and look forward to the new one, it is important to recognize the little moments that make us appreciate our lives. We made a collection of simple things that bring EMME mama's joy, so here it is!

“Beeswax candles on dreary days!”

“Baking muffins and *sometimes* taking some to neighbors too ;)”

“When the sun comes out for a minute”

“Brewing kombucha and baking sourdough :)”

“Sitting next to a sunny window to read for a few minutes”

“Sourdough everyday! Lumberjane Loaf is my current favorite. Also just wearing dresses, brightens my day!”

“Going on a walk first thing in the morning then coming home and making avocado toast!”


We loved hearing what y'all had to say, and we can't wait to share our next blog post all about our favorite EMME mama approved mom and baby products we will be taking throughout 2022! 


Katarina and Hailey

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