The Ultimate "Must Haves" Hospital Bag Packing List

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We wanted to bring y'all the best hospital bag packing list out there! We asked a bunch of fellow mamas and used Kat's own experience to compile a list of must have items and then asked our Emme instagram followers which items they preferred + things they would add, to create the ultimate packing list for y'all. 

Pregnancy can be full of lots of different emotions, and as your due date approaches you may be feeling both anxious and excited. Something you shouldn't be anxious about and should be excited about is packing your hospital bag. If you're anything like us, you love a good excuse to pack and having a baby is a pretty good excuse if you ask us! 

Before we start the list, an important thing to note that you should do before you start packing is call the hospital/birthing center you will be going to and ask what things will be provided to you. You most likely want to avoid overpacking and spending extra money on unnecessary items (there's nothing worse than lugging around a bag that is too heavy for no reason!), so calling ahead will definitely save you time, money, and give you peace of mind that you will be prepared.

Keep reading to see what "must haves" you shouldn't forget while packing. We have linked some of the items for you to make preparing your bag a little bit easier.


Things that will be given to you:

- pads

- mesh underwear

- water bottle (most likely)

- everything that baby will need



Robe- this one comes in lots of different cute colors and patterns

Dark Colored Comfy Pajamas (nightgown or sleep shirts are easiest)- this dress is cute/comfy/has buttons and has tons of color options

Fuzzy Socks with Grippers- make sure to bring ones with grippers so you don't slip, these ones come in a few different color options as well!

Nursing Bras- these are a favorite and inexpensive

Blanket- a lot of y'all mentioned that the hospital blankets are not the softest/comfiest, so if you are into cozy blankets we suggest you bring one so you can feel as comfortable as possible

2 Pillows From Home (1 for you an 1 for your hubby/partner)

Hair Ties- we love these because they don't pull on your hair while still holding it up and in place, we also love a good soft scrunchie because they are so comfy to sleep with while in your hair

Chapstick!!!!!!!- this is my favorite chapstick in the entire world, so why not get a double pack ;)

Nipple Cream

Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner- we got an overwhelming response recommending to bring your own instead of using the hospital's (*bring travel sized bottles)

Toiletries- face wash, face moisturizer, tooth brush/toothpaste, deodorant, makeup (if you want it), etc.

Going Home Outfit- really whatever you will feel most comfortable in, whether that is sweats or a comfy dress, just remember to pack clothes that can fit as if you are still 6 months pregnant

Snacks- you can't have any before you deliver, but it is nice to have something for snacking on afterwards! A lot of you mama's said you wanted something salty, but better be safe and pack something sweet and salty, because you never know!

Phone Charger- you can't forget this and the longer the better! This one comes with two chargers; one for you and one for your hubby/partner!



Going Home Outfit

Cute Clothes- because newborn clothes are just too perfect!

Mittens- those little nails can be sharp especially when you are trying to nurse!


Carseat (leave in the car, make sure you have it installed already)

Diaper Bag



Pillow/Blanket From Home

Glasses/Contact Solution and Case (if he wears them)

Toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Phone Charger- again, the longer the better!

Entertainment: whether that be a book, tablet, etc.




Photo ID/Insurance Card


Cash- for vending machine snacks



Depends- you will be given mesh underwear, but some of you mamas suggested this as an option you prefer

Towel- if you really love your bath towel we suggest you bring one. They will have them there for you, but it will likely not be quite as plush and large as your favorite one at home


Speaker: some mamas suggested this if you want to/like to listen to music!


Happy packing! We hope this helps you feel prepared for your hospital stay!




Hailey and Katarina


 Transitional maternity clothes

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