Mother's Day Gift Guide

transitional maternity clothing
I bought these dainty earrings for my mom last Mother's Day and she has worn them almost every single day for the past year.  They go with everything and always level up your outfit. Plus they're handmade by Malinda Fisher in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
There's a reason most of the world uses a bidet, and people in the US are starting to realize that it's a must-have. This Hello Tushy bidet just happens to be the most stylish one on the market from an eco-friendly small business. Trust me, once you have one, you'll wonder why you've gone so long without. 
I've been in search of a beautiful nightgown that can be worn around the house and this one caught my eye on Etsy. It's gorgeous, timeless, and the type of thing you can wear around the house in the evening when you're winding down for the night and the morning when you're easing into your day. 
Beautiful scandals ethically made in Peru. My husband got me these scandals last Mother's Day and I wore them almost everyday last summer and into fall (and plan to for many summers to come). They're high quality, breathable, and go with every outfit.
Word on the street is that this is the best water bottle on the market for pregnant and nursing mamas. The bottle has labels to help you know how much water you're drinking throughout the day to help mamas stay hydrated. We recommend getting yours from Shop Mood Babe, a fellow Texas and mama-owned business, 
I've heard nothing but positive things about this all-natural face lotion. It's made from organic olive oil, organic shea butter, local beeswax, and organic pomegranate seed oil and can be used on your face, lips, and stomach (pretty much anywhere on your body). According to many of the reviews I've read, once you start on using this multi-purpose face lotion, you'll be hooked. 
Brave New Mama is a compilation of poems that explore Rivard's experience of becoming a mother. She eloquently captures the whirlwind of emotions and beauty that accompanies motherhood.  I don't think I've found another poet that so perfectly describes how I feel about being a mother. Below is one of my favorite poems by her:
We *just* released the Jasmine Dress and it's an easy to wear, easy to love dress. The fabric is buttery soft, it's completely functional (nursing-friendly, bump-friendly, and has pockets), and can easily be worn to your friends wedding or just around the house.  
You know when your little one finally goes to bed for the night and you sit and scroll on your phone looking at all the adorable pictures of him/her? Well I'm starting to realize how important it is to print the photos from my phone and camera. Artifact Uprising is a company I have loved for years and their prints are always beautiful and high quality. I cherish every photo book I've made.
Happy Mother's Day to y'all. We hope you feel loved and appreciated for everything you do to raise good children.

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