Our Sustainable Ways

EMME sustainability

Here at EMME, we pride ourselves in our sustainability. From our fabric to our practices, we make an effort to bring the best maternity clothes to your closet in a mindful way. Here are the three ways we accomplish this!

Material and Production

Most of the clothing that we produce is sourced with softened linen. Unlike most materials, linen gets softer with each wash, which means your EMME pieces will keep getting more and more comfortable with time! Another amazing part of linen is that the entire plant can be used in the production process. 

No waste

With every opportunity we find, we cut waste as much as possible. Linen itself is sustainable, so we use it as our number one material. Another aspect of our zero waste efforts is that we produce our EMME pieces in limited quantities. This means that all products that we make are bought, used, and loved. Even the sampling products that have some imperfections are sold at a discounted price to ensure no EMME pieces are wasted. 


EMME pieces are made for moms, by moms. We pay our seamstresses a living wage, which is reflected on our fair product pricing. All of the seamstresses also work normal hours, so they have time for their children and personal lives. They work in a healthy and safe environment, which we visit unannounced to ensure the standards are being kept. We are grateful for our seamstresses and the beautiful, sustainable products that they produce!

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our mission in sustainability!


Katarina and Hailey

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