The First Trimester: What you need to know plus tips and tricks from the EMME community

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The first trimester can be a wide array of emotions: from feelings of pure joy and excitement (or maybe shock!) when you get that positive test to feelings of apathy and exhaustion, all while you fight off those bouts of ongoing nausea. It is a time like no other in your life, where you want to tell the world your news, but keep it quiet because you feel it's too early to share. The first trimester can feel extra hard because no one knows what you are going through and it is a time when you need that extra help and support (Hello! Growing a baby is hard work!).

We thought it would be helpful to compile the tips and tricks we received when asking the EMME community on "how they survived their first trimester" to create a resource for those of you who may need a little extra support during those first few weeks when you have a small support system.

pregnancy tips

1. First and foremost... rest, rest, and more rest! You may feel a little ridiculous for feeling so tired and needing naps + more hours of sleep at night immediately, but your body is already very hard at work making that baby. Give yourself a little grace to take more breaks, nap often, and get to bed earlier to catch those extra z's.

2. Ask for help. A majority of women in our community said they told a few other people besides their significant other during those first weeks and that it made a world of difference. I personally told my immediate family and a handful of people I am close with within the first 1-2 weeks of finding out I was pregnant and it made those first few weeks so much better than they could have been. I received extra love and support when I wasn't feeling well, and it was fun for my husband and I to be able to talk about our exciting news to other people. Of course, do whatever will make you feel the most comfortable in the end. 

3. Go on short walks throughout the day to help give you more energy. I found this to be so true for me as well. When I would go outside to get some fresh air and move my body, I always came back feeling refreshed and more energized to continue my day, not to mention it also helped my nausea too! 

pregnancy tips

4. That leads us to our next tip which is about all things nausea. Before we jump into those tips we would like to mention that some women do not experience nausea in their first trimester which can be normal for some, so don't start to worry if you aren't experiencing it. But for those who do, you will find yourself googling new remedies every day to ease those continual bouts of nausea. The top recommendations we received from the EMME community were:

- Have small snacks often, even when you don't feel like eating. It really does help ease the nausea a little!

- Keeping food that sounds appetizing to you in the kitchen. Sometimes this can be a hard task, because often nothing sounds good. If you can think of something that sounds appetizing, just get it and snack lightly on it. It makes the world of difference to have snacks that perk your interest when you don't feel good, especially because snacking often can help ease the nausea like mentioned above!

- Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water/suck on a lemon slice

- Sucking on hard candies/ginger candies/peppermints

- Saltines, rice chex, goldfish, etc. 

5. If you are already having heartburn drinking alkaline water and eating papaya enzyme chews help lots!


6. Get some clothes that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. If your clothes are getting a little tight or uncomfortable, don't feel like you can't buy a few new things because "it is too early for maternity clothes." Feeling comfortable in your clothes can help with nausea and with confidence as your body starts changing. You most likely won't need "maternity clothes" yet, but looking for options that will fit throughout your pregnancy like our  Everyday Smocked Pants are a great option as they will comfortably grow with you through your entire pregnancy and fit perfectly even after you deliver. We are all about investing in pieces that will last.

I have lived in mine since I got pregnant. I couldn't stand to have any waist bands pressing into my stomach when I was nauseas and the Everyday Smocked Pants were so light on my stomach. Now I wear them constantly, because they comfortably fit with and grow with my bump!

7. Remember that it is temporary! You are not doomed to whatever symptom you are feeling forever. This is a nice reminder, as sometimes it feels like all of those negative symptoms you are experiencing are never going to end, but they do, and you can do it!

The first trimester is a time full of crazy changes. Your body, hormones, mood, emotions, and even your future life are all changing. If you are struggling, know that you are not alone in this and to reach out for support. Telling a few close people really can make all the difference. We are excited for you, we are here for you, and we want you to know that you've got this mama.





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