Welcome Mamas

When Kat and I were creating Emme we envisioned a community where mothers and women alike could come together to celebrate women, motherhood and just femininity as whole. We dreamt not just about creating a brand with beautiful transitional maternity clothes, but about bringing together women everywhere to celebrate motherhood. We hope that the Emme community can be just that.

This is a place of love, acceptance, and celebration. We want to hear you. We want to hear your joys, sorrows, successes, and hardships. Emme is a community where all women, mother or not, can come together as one, so please share your journey's with us as we share ours!

We hope that you love being a part of the Emme community as much as we do and we hope that as we grow Emme together, every member of this community, new and old, feels of our love and excitement for motherhood and womanhood alike. Welcome Mamas!


With love,

Kat and Hailey

Bump friendly dress

Bump friendly pants

Transitional maternity clothes

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