Company Values

Doing Our Part.

Here at EMME we do the best we can to have ethical and sustainable practices. Not only are we trying to serve all you mamas, but also our mother earth. We want to be as transparent as possible with the process of how our clothes are made and brought you mamas. We may not be perfect yet, but we are constantly giving it our all to learn more and be better for our earth and for each other.

Made Locally.

Our clothes are 100% created and manufactured locally in Dallas. We chose to stay local, because we wanted EMME to be as sustainable as possible. To us this also means sustaining our local economy. Both our pattern maker and manufacturer are local, which gives us an incredible opportunity to work very closely with each of them. Our seamstresses are paid a living and sustainable wage and are treated with respect and care. We love working so closely with the process of creating our clothes and are proud to know what is happening during every stage of their creation.

The Patterns.

We have minimal pieces with each collection because we try to create items that will last. We want to be a brand that continuously supplies you mamas with classic pieces that will not be out of style the following year, so that you can maximize the use out of each EMME piece you purchase.

The Fabric. 

Our fabric suppliers also pride themselves in their efforts to play their part in ethical and sustainable fashion. Our linen is 100% natural and environmentally friendly and is certified by the Oeko Tex organization who test for over 100 harmful chemicals; no part of it's production causes air, noise or water pollution. The mills where our fabric is created are in compliance with labor and environmental guidelines set forth by the government and our international community. The dye process itself is environmentally friendly and does not involve any harmful chemicals in the process either.

The Packaging.

We felt the need to make sure that our packaging is recyclable and did our best to minimize any unnecessary products in the packaging process. We kept it simple, yet classic. When you get your EMME order we ask that you recycle your brown envelope to help us in our efforts.