Getting to know EMME - FAQs

Happy Fall Mamas!

We wanted to introduce Emme a little bit more to all of y'all so you can get to know us a little bit better. So we are answering a few FAQs below!

How do you pronounce Emme?

EMME: eh-m

Sounds like the word "hem", just drop the 'h'. And that's it!

What's your creation/production process like?

Emme was created for women by women. We love being surrounded by amazing women through the entire process from creation to production. We, with our amazing pattern maker, carefully design each of our transitional pieces to ensure that they perfectly accentuate the ebb and flow of motherhood in *all* stages. This means multiple design sessions and try-on meetings with our pattern maker. We do our very best to perfect each piece before they get sent to production. Something that we pride ourselves in is that our pieces are not just maternity clothes; they are thoughtfully created transitional clothes for mothers. We wanted women to have a better option for maternity clothes; clothes that you can invest in that will last for years and throughout the many different stages of life. We believe that, as a team of women and mothers, we can create transitional maternity clothes for mothers that are as functional as they are beautiful and last past the bump stage.

Do you have your transitional maternity pieces in any storefronts?

We get asked all the time if our transitional maternity pieces are in any physical storefronts. The short answer is no. The long answer is we hope to be soon! We are working on this and we know that maternity clothes can be hard without being able try them on. If you have any suggestions or have a favorite boutique near you that you would like to see EMME pieces in, pass along the names to us!

Are you going to have other fabrics aside from line? 

Yes! Keep a look out, the next transitional piece we are releasing is in a beautiful cotton bubble gauze and we have some amazing new fabrics for the spring line as well! We will still have some stunning linen pieces as well, so don't worry if you are a linen lover we will have you covered. 

We value women and mothers of every stage, and are so grateful for all of you supportive mamas out there. It is our hope that you come and stay to be a part of the Emme community, to help it grow, and to help us celebrate both women and mothers. Whether you are a mother or not, we hope that you can enjoy our transitional clothes for mothers and women alike. Kindly let us know if there is something you would like to know and we would love to help answer your questions. 

Thank you for being a part of the Emme community, we love having you here! 


Kat and Hay

Bump friendly pants

Bump friendly dress


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